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  Surface acoustic wave sensor


Surface acoustic wave hydrogen sensor based on Pd nanoporous films imprinted with waveguide channels, C. Viespe, I. Nicolae, C. Grigoriu, 10th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies, 9-12 July 2013, Thessaloniki, Grecia –oral presentation.

•  Surface acoustic wave sensors coated with nanoporous ZnO film for hydrogen detection, C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, 3 th Intenational Conference of Modern Laser Aplications, 20-24 May 2013, Bran, Romania - oral presentation.

• Highly sensitive nanoporous palladium thin films SAW sensor for hydrogen detection, C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, 6 th International Meeting on Developments in Materials, Processes and Applications of Emerging Technologies, 2-4 July 2012, Alvor, Portugalia – oral presentation.

•  Comparative Study of Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors Coated with Pd and ZnO for Hydrogen Detection at Room Temperature , C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, R. Barjega, ATOM-N2012, August 23th – 26th, 2012, Constanta, Romania – oral presentation.

•  Surface acoustic wave sensors coated with nanocomposite (polymer/nanoparticles) sensitive layers deposited by combined laser/spray technique, C. Viespe, I. Nicolae, C. Grigoriu, T. Lucian, E-MRS 2012 FALL MEETING, September 17-21 2012, Warsaw University of Technology, Polonia.

•  Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors for Hydrogen Detection based on Pd and ZnO Nanoporous Layers Deposited by a ps Laser Technique, C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, ROMOPTO 2012, 3-6 September 2012, Bucuresti, Romania.

•  Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors based on Nanoporous Films for Hydrogen Detection, C. Viespe, C. Grigoriu, 9th International Conference on Physics of Advanced Materials 20 - 23 September 2012, Iasi, Romania.


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