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  Surface acoustic wave sensor


General objective:

The general objective of the project is to develop a SAWS with a nanostructured film for hydrogen detection at RT, with an improved limit of detection, response and recovery time.

    Specific objectives:

    1. Deposition and study of the nanoporous films .

    As a sensitive layer we have chosen nanoporous films of WO3 , Pd and ZnO for their good hydrogen detection results. The nanoporous sensitive layer was directly deposited onto the quartz substrate using the picosecond laser ablation method.

    Analysis of the structure, composition, the surface morphology, thickness, and porosity, will be made .

    2. Processing of channels on the surface layer and study their influence on SAWS

    Different configurations of channels for guiding the signal wavefront between IDTs, in order to minimize the spurious wavefront were design, study and optimize .

    To the best of our knowledge, it is for the first time when channels are used for guiding the wavefronts in SAWS .

    3. Study of the performance criteria of SAWS

    Selectivity, reversibility, sensitivity, limit of detection, response time, repeatability and reproducibility for hydrogen detection were studied. .

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